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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a representative body of the greater parish. It is composed of 12 elected representatives and 9 non-elected representatives who are heads of various parish organizations. Pastoral Council functions through various committees including Worship, Education, Youth, Buildings and Grounds, and Finance. Pastoral Council is a forum where parish related ideas, suggestions and concerns are discussed and acted upon. It serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and takes a leadership role in the on-going development of the parish.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month (September - June) at 7:00pm in the social center meeting room. Parishioners are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to voice their concerns to Pastoral Council members.

A list of members and minutes of meetings is published in the church bulletin. Any parishioners who are interested in serving on Pastoral Council are encouraged to speak to one of the current members.


Fr. Arthur Mattulke     649-2765
Fr. Patrick O’Keefe     649-2765
Fr. John Adams     649-2765
Deacon Carl Koester     646-2480
Deacon John Wlos     992-3277
Deacon Robb Ciezki     941-6404
Rectory Office     649-2765    
Dick Blake     648-5897
Len Stevens     649-8393    
Elected Members   and Terms (asterisk indicates the completion of a second term)
Lynne DePasquale     202-1362 2018*  
Janet Griffin     (917) 279-8851 2018
Ray Guagliardi   Vice President 864-4562 2017
Joseph Herrmann     649-9007 2019
Michele Hoff     627-4581 2018
David Jones   Secretary 799-2668 2017
Gary Lederman     913-0426 2019
Drew Mc Nichol     648-8620 2017

Maureen Meyers     649-5876 2019*
Jacob Rachwal   President 430-2362 2018
Judy Shelley     771-4275 2019
Bob Sweeney     649-5852 2017*
Group Representatives          
Lily Katz   Youth Representative 648-9875
Jeremy Dolph   Youth Ministry 649-0231 ext. 3
Sr. Marilyn Ann Dudek   School Principal 649-7030
Karin Dusza   Outreach 648-1725
Kristin Galus   Parents' Guild 698-6718
Mary Rogers   Parents' Guild 435-7054
Dennis Farrell   St. Vincent de Paul 260-5260
Sarah Seweryniak   Advancement 649-7030 ext. 409
Sarah Sutcliff   Faith Formation 649-0231 ext. 1
Susan Wlos   Altar & Rosary 992-3277



Parish Handbook


Pastoral Bylaws